Access the Pact collective agreements below, which are available to download for
members of the Production Guild.


Pact Equity TV Agreement Rates 2020.pdf 1


Pact Equity Supporting Artist Agreement 2019 (updated 6th Jan 2020).pdf


Pact/FAA Rate Card


Construction Rate Card 2018-2019


Construction Rate Card 2019-2020


Construction Rate Card 2020-2021


Construction Agreement Rate Card 2018-2019


2018 Lighting Technicians' Pay Increase

The document sets out the agreement reached between Pact and BECTU as approved by a ballot of lighting technicians.

FAA Agreement 2017

FAA/ PACT Agreement 2017 with updated rates, which are valid from 1st of March 2018. 

Pact - Bectu TV Drama Agreement 2017


Pact Bectu MMP Agreement

The purpose of the agreement is to regulate relations between producers and crew engaged in the UK independent television drama sector. The agreement brings clarity for both sides and supersedes all earlier agreements (including The Blue Book).

•    It applies to UK indie scripted television drama and comedy (excluding continuing drama/soaps) across all platforms.
•    The agreement is to be implemented by 30 November 2017. 
•    It will run for a minimum of 2 and ½ years from 31 May 2017.
•    It will be subject to periodic reviews.

Pact Equity Cinema Films agreement 2016

This Agreement provides the minimum terms and conditions for all Artists, Stunt Performers, Singers and Voice-Overs (excluding instrumental musicians, crowd artistes performing only in those capacities) when engaged for Films primarily for theatrical (cinema) exhibition by Producers.

Pact Equity interim TV agreement

This Agreement provides the minimum terms and conditions for all Artists (excluding instrumental musicians, crowd artistes and Walk-On/ Background Artists performing only in those capacities) including dancers where the dance involved is specifically choreographed for the production and Stunt Performers/Co-Ordinators employed in productions produced primarily for exhibition on television.

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