Table of Contents
1.    Introduction
2.    When these terms apply
3.    Terms for using our services and content
4.    Copyright
5.    Pact Membership
6.    Data Protection
7.    Disclaimer and Liability
8.    Security Statement
9.    Miscellaneous
10.    Contact us

1. Introduction

Pact is the Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television in the UK and these are our terms of use. These terms of use explain the rules for using Pact’s website and our services. The terms of use also tells you what we can do with things you post or upload on any of our associated websites or social media services, and how we would like you to handle the information and any material we keep or produce on our website. In short, these terms of use informs you about your rights and responsibilities. 

We advise you to read these terms before using our website and before submitting any data to us. These terms of use should be read and understood in conjunction with our Privacy Policy []. Together they constitute the framework in which we process data, maintain our website and provide our services to you. 

Please check regularly for updates and latest versions. We will make updates to these terms if we provide a new service or need to comply with new legal requirements. 

2. When these terms apply

2.1. These terms apply whenever you use Pact’s website. These terms and conditions, along with our privacy policy and our cookies policy, govern Pact’s relationship with you in regards to this website, and is the basis on which we provide you with our services. These terms of use detail our commitments to you and what commitments you make to us when using our website. When using our site you are also agreeing to our privacy policy.

2.2. If you don’t adhere to all these terms, please do not use our website. If you use it without adhering to the terms set out in this document, we reserve our right to suspend or terminate your use of services and your account or take any other action we deem appropriate based on your failure to observe these terms and conditions.  

3. Terms for using our services and content

3.1. Content of site: The content, information and any copyrighted material on this website is for your general information and use only. Pact reserves the right to change the information on this page for any reason, at any time without notice and without any liability to Pact. We also reserve the right to update or change information in regards to events, in articles, in guidelines and any content on our website without any liability to Pact. 
We do not give warranty to or guarantee the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of information available on the Pact website. By using this site you acknowledge that this site may contain inaccuracies and errors.

3.2. What are Content and Services? When we say content and services, we refer to anything offered by Pact:  From our website, (, any apps we may create, own or co-create to any information available in the member-only section of our website; Any text, audio, video, software, images, any technical information from meta data and open source and anything made by people using our services or user generated content; Any information about events open for our Members, or text and articles we publish on our site; Any documents, guidelines, agreements and similar content downloadable from our Library, both for Members and Visitors to this Website. 

If you use services provided by someone else (third parties) they will have their own terms of use.  

3.3. Third parties:  This website may contain hyperlinks to and/or via third party websites. These links are provided for your convenience, and to provide you with further information. Pact does not guarantee or warrant that the content of the third party pages are correct or accurate. The link does not in any way indicate or imply, that Pact endorses or is affiliated with these websites, their owners, or the content and views expressed on these websites. The links do not in any way imply that the owner or the content of the website is a representation of Pact nor that they are recommended by us.

Pact will not be held responsible and/ or liable for any loss or damage, indirectly or consequently, that should arise from your use of hyperlinks and the usage of the third party websites. This is solely and strictly at your own risk. We advise you to read the privacy policy, the terms of use and the cookie policy of each new website you visit and use. 

Pact will not be held responsible or liable for any information the third party pages store and process about you. Pact has no control over the third party websites. Please see our Privacy Policy for how we process data from third parties. 

If you create a link to Pact’s website from another website, or use any of the Pact website content, trademark, copyright material, logos or information, Pact reserves the right to object to this use and require the withdrawal of such a link and of such material.

3.4. Things you cannot do with Pact’s website: 
When using information from the Pact website or associated social media platforms, you should not:
•    use or share information to cause harm or offence, insult, mislead, discriminate or defame, promote pornography, tobacco or weapons, put children at risk, anything illegal such as using hate speech, inciting terrorism or breaking privacy law, anything that could bring Pact or its employees into disrepute.  
•    Don’t say that Pact endorses, promotes, advertises, sponsors, supplies or approves of you – unless Pact by authorised Officer have agreed this in writing. 
•    Don’t interfere with Pact’s Services: This means: no hacking, circumventing any content security, refusing to remove content, or apps from your device when we ask you to if these are provided to you. This might happen when we take down services, which we can do at any time, without notice.
•    Don’t pretend to be Pact: This includes; Recreating a service or copying the look of a service, using the Pact brand, trademarks or logos without our permission, use of content in press releases and other marketing or making money from our content or services. 

3.5. Liability: If you breach any of the terms that we have set out in this documents, we reserve our right to take action as we see fit. This might include legal manners, or refusal of access to our website or exclusion from our website and Membership services. Such refusal of access or exclusion from either event or website shall not in any way make Pact responsible or liable for any loss or damage arising from said refusal and/or exclusion.

3.6. Anti- harassment and discrimination policy: We expect you to, when visiting our site or using the Membership areas of the site, to not discriminate or harass, either in an explicit or associative manner, Pact or any employee of Pact, any fellow Members of, or closely affiliated with, Pact.

4. Copyright

This website, information and its content is copyright of Pact with all rights reserved. 

4.1. General notice on Pact’s copyright: Pact’s website contains material which is wholly created and/or owned by Pact or which is licensed to us. This material includes but is not limited to: logo, website, lay-out, the design, the appearance, the graphics, the information, the pictures, videos and moving images. Reproduction or unlawful, unlicensed or unauthorised use of any such property belonging to Pact is strictly prohibited. Pact reserves the right to pursue such conduct in a legal manner, and we want to make you aware this may be a criminal offence or may give rise to a claim for damages. If you wish to use any copyrighted material or any material that can be regarded as such, please contact us about the ownership of the copyright and where to obtain permission for such use. 

4.2. Permissions:  If you want to use any of the information, services or content from Pact you will need to seek permission. Pact also have the right to refuse permission. You are required permission if using content, clips, logo or branding, or anything that is published on this website. 

There may be instances where Pact doesn’t own the copyright it has permission to use. Therefore you may need to seek additional permissions and rights.  Especially when it comes to social media platforms for posting. You will need to get the owner’s permission for use, may have to pay a fee and would need to read their terms and privacy use policies. 

Any queries in regards to permission, can be sent to 

5. Pact Membership: You can join Pact and become a Member. This is done by registering your company with us. This membership constitutes a contractual agreement between you/ the company and Pact.  Different employees of the member company can be granted access to the Membership area of our website via a private login solely intended for that individual and solely while working for the company that is registered. 

In order to process log-in requests we need to obtain some Personal Data from you regarding your contact details and place of employment. How we collect and process data is clearly set out in our Privacy Policy.
To make Pact and the resources available and safe for our members, we expect you and advise you to keep your account safe. Please do this by: 
•    Not sharing your username or password with anyone or do not lend your account to other people;
•    Do not give us false information; 
•    Do not try to log in as someone else; 
•    Do not bypass our security measures;
•    Do not create more than one account; 
•    Do not create an account for someone else;
•    Be sure to keep your details up-to-date.

If you have provided us data on the legal basis of consent, your rights in relation to this is set out in the privacy policy []. 

5.1 What we do with your information: The data you send us when you register, fill in web forms, use our services or download resources from our website helps us to: Provide you with services, recommendations, notifications and other features, improve our existing services, such as the resource library and Member’s events. 
When documents are downloaded from our resource library, this is registered with us. This is to better tailor our services to you and also to keep a track on who is downloading what. This information is strictly for use by Pact’s Staff, and will not be shared with a third party unless we are required to do so in order to comply with legal obligations. To see more information about this and your rights in conjunction with our processing, please read our privacy policy []. 

Our resources: Any resource downloadable from the website is strictly only available and meant for the company who owns the personal log-in. Do not distribute the documents you have downloaded to others. Pact will not be held liable for any wrongful information or reliance on such, or any documents that have been passed on by members, and we will not be held liable for any loss or damage, implied or consequential, arising from unlawful sharing of downloadable resources. 
Any documents, any guidance or any text or resource for downloading in our resource library is subject to Copyright as set out in these terms in clause 3. Pact reserves the right to pursue breaches of these terms with regards to unlawful sharing of resources and documents in any way we see fit. Please be aware that breach of copyright can be a criminal offence. 

6. Data Protection
At Pact we do our utmost to make sure this website complies with the GDPR and other applicable laws or international obligations and legislation in regards to Data Protection. We are committed to making our services enjoyable and safe, and we also expect you to adhere to the rules set out by legislation and the rules set forth in this document and in the privacy and cookies policy.

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is effective from May 25th 2018, and requires us to inform you about our legal basis for processing of your data. Our processing and collection of your data is either based on your consent provided for us to do so, or it is necessary in order for us to fulfil our obligation in a contractual relationship with you, or it is in respect to legitimate interests or any legal obligation under law, as stated in Article 6 in the GDPR. 
If you have concerns or if you suspect or become aware of a breach of data protection laws or international treaties, please email with the title ‘Breach’ in the subject title so that we can deal with your request in a timely manner as required by law.   

We advise you to read our Privacy and Cookies Policy where we clearly set out how we collect and process your data, and what rights you have.  

7. Disclaimer and liability
While we do our best to give you up to date services and provide you with correct information, we hereby state that this website is for general information purposes only. The information provided makes no representations or warranties, neither expressly or implied, in regards to the information or related intellectual property displayed and contained on this site. Any reliance on information displayed on these pages owned by Pact is solely and strictly at your own risk, and Pact will not in any way be liable for loss or damage, indirectly or consequential, that should arise from your use of this website. 

Pact will not be held responsible and/or liable for any loss or damage, indirectly or consequential, in regards to the website being temporarily unavailable due to technical maintenance or technical issues or challenges beyond our control. 

Pact will not be held responsible and/or liable for any loss or damage, indirectly or consequential, in regards to links to third party sites and their content. 

8. Security Statement
We at Pact reserve the right to update these terms of use at any time, without specific reason and without notice. Please check our terms of use frequently to view any recent changes. The date of the most recent revision will appear on this page. 
If there are changes in relation to how we would like to use your information, a more prominent notice may be issued. 

By using this website you commit to not hacking our systems or in any way try to get around our content security technology. You also commit to not damage our reputation by associating us with any sort of discriminatory behaviour and/ or statements. 

9. Miscellaneous. 

9.1. On behalf of a business: If you use a service on behalf of a business, that business agrees to these terms. So your business has to stick to these terms if you use a service; substantially to do your job – as an employee, contractor or consultant; for commercial purposes – to make a profit or for educational, non-profit, charitable or government uses.

9.2. When you use our services and content, you’re agreeing to: These terms of use, our privacy and cookies policy and any other terms we’ve let you know about. Also those things replace all previous agreements between you and us about using our services or content.

9.3. This is a contract between you and us. No one else has any rights to enforce its terms.

9.4. Jurisdiction Any dispute arising out of your use of this website as described in these terms and if applicable, in breach with law or legal obligations, is subject to the laws of England and Wales. 

9.5. Effective Date: These Terms of Use are effective as 25th May 2018. 

9.6. Who to speak to: Amanda Goddard is the data protection manager at Pact. For other queries and more information, please contact advisor Benedicte Westbye. 

10. Breach 
To get more information on how we handle data breaches and points of contact, please see our privacy policy []. 

11. Contact us:
Please contact if you require any additional information or you have any questions.