Please do not contact the Pact office regarding programme ideas.

Image: Kirstie's Celebrity Craft Masters, made by Raise the Roof Productions, a Pact Member since 2010

Pact is the trade body for independent producers and does not make programmes. Pact staff are employed to assist Pact Members and are unable to respond to queries from the general public.

However, you can forward your idea to a suitable TV production company. We are unable to recommend particular companies and suggest you do your own research into which companies may be most suitable.

You can find details of production companies within programme credits and we suggest you look for programmes within the same genre or subject area as your own idea, i.e. factual, drama, comedy, etc.

Once you have identified the companies you would like to approach, you can find their contact details via an online search engine, or you can check our Find a Member page (please note that only Pact Member companies will appear on this page).