Pact is run by indies for indies. Everything we aim to achieve on behalf of our Members is informed and directed by them, via their involvement in Pact Council and our various Working Groups.

Quote from Hakan Kousetta, Chair of Pact Council: Being part of Pact Council means playing a role in shaping the future of our sector. It's a hugely rewarding experience.
  • Pact Council Responsibilities
    • What does Council do?
    • How is Council elected?
    • Statutory duties of Council
    • Financial duties of Council

Financial Governance

We have a Finance Committee that is made up of Members who review the budgets, business plans and accounts on a quarterly basis and report back to Council. This is to provide added assurance on the financial position of the company.

Pact is audited on an annual basis by an independent firm of accountants and as well as preparing the statutory accounts the auditors report their findings to the Finance Committee at a meeting held in November each year. Pact Council Members are also invited to attend this meeting in order to sign the accounts.

The statutory accounts are then presented at the AGM in December.

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