Whether you need to apply for membership or simply register a production is dependent on the type of production and where your company is based.

Please select the production that applies to you from the list below for more information:

A Feature Film shooting in the UK intended for theatrical release A UK owned company producing high end TV for a UK Broadcaster or UK SVOD Platform A UK owned company producing high end TV for an overseas broadcaster or an overseas SVOD platform High end TV production by an overseas company shooting in the UK for an overseas broadcaster or overseas SVOD platform

Escrow Management Services

Pact also offers Escrow Management Services to registered productions.

This offers companies the opportunity to satisfy the conditions of the Pact/Equity collective agreements, where the commissioner, studio or platform is not providing a financial guarantee or a financial guarantor is deemed unacceptable by Equity.
Once we have received your Production Form and it is determined that you are required to lodge sums in escrow, we will send you an escrow breakdown form to complete and a member of our Business Affairs team will explain to you the process of using our escrow management services.
Funds are held securely on escrow in a dedicated Pact client account to ensure that the funds are secure and may be fully or partially released in the following circumstances: 
•    the producer cannot pay all artists on the production and wishes any outstanding balance to be paid out of the escrow. The escrow may be partially released to Equity who will pay the remaining balance to the artists;  
•    where the company winds up; or
•    once all Artists have been paid at the end of the production and Equity approves the escrow release.