Step 1

You will need to complete an online application/renewal form. The application/renewal form can be found here.

If you are renewing your annual membership, please note: we do still need a new form to be submitted. Your renewal cannot be processed without it.

Step 2

You can pay your annual fee in a one off payment or in monthly instalments.

Annual fee: please make a BACS transfer of £2,750 plus VAT to the bank account listed on the application form at the time of returning your application.

Monthly instalments: Should you want to take up the monthly instalments offer you will need to download, complete and submit a DD mandate with your online application/renewal. The DD mandate can be downloaded here.

This will complete everything you need to do at this stage and one of our team will process your application as soon as possible.

How quickly can my membership be processed?

As soon as we receive your completed form and payment, your membership can usually be set up within 48 hours. However it may take longer if your application is incomplete, therefore in order to speed up the process, please do make sure that:

  • your form is completed correctly
  • you have made a BACS payment for the relevant fee or have completed a DD mandate
  • have submitted your online application

Questions about joining Pact?
Please contact our Membership Executive