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Pact Workshop: Respect at Work

The workshop will also focus on how unconscious bias can lead to less efficient and more risky editorial and management decisions. And we look at rights and responsibilities, what to do when you witness or experience unacceptable behaviour, and the sources of support available.

We will explore:

•    The consequences of inappropriate behaviour in the workplace for the individual and the organisation.

•    How companies and individuals can make a commitment to a respectful workplace

•    Case study exercises to illustrate unlawful and unfair treatment in the workplace, including sexual harassment, bullying and intimidation

•    Key behaviours for a respectful workplace

•    Action planning that puts learning into practice

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This workshop is for Pact members. We recommend booking early as tickets are allocated on a first-come-first served basis. If you would like more information please contact Pact's Head of Diversity, Anjani Patel: Anjani@pact.co.uk.

About the Trainer: Sue Ahern

Sue Ahern  is the Training Director at Creative People, an international training and coaching consultancy which specialises in helping media businesses.

She co-founded Creative People after a successful career as a programme maker: she has worked as a journalist, producer and series producer, and managed the Radio Training department for the BBC.

At Creative People, Sue works mainly in the areas of management development and leadership, as well as improving individual and team performance. She is also a trained mediator.