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Online Event: Tackling Harassment, Discrimination and Bullying

Attendees will explore the fundamentals of the Equality Act 2010 to provide a foundation for understanding what constitutes discrimination, harassment, and bullying. But this isn’t a lecture on the law. This is real, working-world advice. 

The highly practical session will discuss the spectrum of misconduct, microaggressions, the intent vs impact debate, and the “grey areas” of complaint handling. From here, attendees will learn how to determine the best and most appropriate course of action in response to a complaint – that is, how to respond at the time the complaint is made; how to decide between informal resolution, coaching or mediation; and when to escalate a complaint to a formal grievance.

Headshot: Lisa Bell

Meet the trainer
Lisa Bell, Tell Jane Founder

Lisa Bell is on a mission to build better workplace cultures. As a HR consultant with two decades of experience and an MA in Human Resources Management, she has an in-depth understanding of discrimination, harassment, and toxic behaviour as systematic workplace issues - widespread, deep-rooted, and difficult to confront. In 2018, she founded Tell Jane to help organisations do better.

With a wealth of experience in the creative industries, Lisa knows that every workplace in the film and TV sector is different, and every team is unique. For Lisa, culture change means getting people engaged, and helping leaders, managers, and employees to see what part they can play in the journey to a more equitable workplace.

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This session is presented as part of a partnership between the BBC and Pact and is open to Pact members and production company suppliers to the BBC.

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