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ONLINE EVENT: Socio Economic Class in TV and Film

This is an opportunity to hear from the country’s leading experts on social class in the creative sector.

Session speakers include
Nik Miller – Director of the Bridge Group
Dr Sam Friedman – Professor of Sociology LSE and author of The Class Ceiling 

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  • About the speakers
Headshot: Sam Friedman

Dr Sam Friedman – professor of Sociology LSE and author of The Class Ceiling 
Sam’s focus is the cultural dimension of contemporary class division. He is author of The Class Ceiling: Why it Pays to be Privileged, which looks into social mobility in Britain’s higher professional and managerial occupations, and is currently writing a book examining the propulsive power of Britain’s most elite private schools and the changing nature of elite culture – to provide a radical new understanding of the British elite.  

Headshot: Nik Miller

Nik Miller – Director of the Bridge Group
Nik has particular expertise in quantitative research methods, and in translating research findings into practical policy recommendations. Nik has worked with the BBC, the Cabinet Office and Linklaters; he has also advised the government on equality, diversity and inclusion and often plays a leading role in presenting Bridge Group findings to audiences across sectors. He has contributed to various publications, The Class Ceiling and in Access to Success and Social Mobility Through Higher Education.