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Nottingham International Microfilm Festival

The Nottingham Microfilm Festival has been developed to encourage engagement with the Chinese film sector known as microfilms, a sector of filmmaking that draws together filmmakers, public audience and businesses through a process of quick production and quick consumption.

The organisers have designed a number of activities from Thursday 15th to Tuesday 20th October 2015 to engage all three aspects of the microfilm structure. The festival will include public screenings, professional development masterclasses and business/filmmaker networking events. In addition, the Microfilm Summit will draw film industry professionals of all levels together to look at the concept of microfilm, what it is and how to enable this sector to be as successful in the UK as it is in China.

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  • What is Microfilm?

“Microfilm is a containment of art and technology; a pursuit of expression.” - Dr Yang Ming, President of Xinhua Net Future Media Convergence Institute.

Microfilm is a sector within the Chinese film industry that has been rapidly developing since 2010. It can be defined as:

‘A short film production which offers quick production, quick consumption meaning low risk, high output promotional opportunities for both business and filmmakers as well as a great opportunity for personal communication and development.’

The difference to the concept of short films exists in its capacity for meeting the demands of business and audience with small scale production costs yet it’s wide communication capacities. Production is short, 3 - 5 days on average, with no distinct training required and provides creative thinking in commercial and personal promotion. Microfilms also differ in their route to market as they do not follow the traditional box office distribution method but rather reaches its audience via grassroots delivery – online content, word of mouth publicity etc.

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