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NATPE Miami 2019 - Pact delegation for producers and distributors

Pact package
    •    Be listed in all official guides and the market App
    •    Access to NATPE Connect to set up meetings
    •    Access to the buyers list with full contact details
    •    Meet the buyers – exclusive for official delegation (NATPE will be scheduling three days for meetings with buyers from LATAM and N. America. The intention is for the buyers to provide information on what they are acquiring, where this fits in their schedule and what genres and themes they are looking for)
    •    Non-ad buyer briefing

Registration options:
Producer – 1 registration, communal meeting tables available for meetings
Rate $2,000
Distributor – 1 registration, allocated meeting table
Rate $ 3,500
Additional registration for producer and distributor rate - $ 575
For registration, please contact Gary Mitchell: gary-mitchell@ntlworld.com.

  • TAP grants

For TAP grant enquiries, please contact Yuan Liu at yuan@pact.co.uk.
Anyone who is eligible* and has already registered with NATPE can apply for a grant of £2,000, which Pact can help to process for them.

*If you are unsure of the eligibility criteria, you should also contact Yuan Liu: yuan@pact.co.uk.