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MipJunior 2020

MIPjunior offers the opportunity to discover the latest kids content from all over the world and to launch and promote your own.

Find out more about MIPJuior and register here.

MIPCOM Online+

MIPCOM Online+ offers a hybrid market experience by extending the reach of MIPCOM in Cannes to the global MIP community unable to travel to Cannes.

Before, during and after the market, you can login to MIPCOM Online+ to schedule meetings, screen programmes and access conferences. If you are in Cannes, you can also access MIPCOM ONLINE+ in addition to the physical event experience.

The registration price is €250 per person, and will give you access to both MIPCOM and MIPJunior.

If you are interested in having a bigger presence on the platform then it’s possible to book a Virtual Exhibitor Page at a cost of €2000, which allows you to showcase up to 20 pieces of content on your page.

Find out more and register for MIPCOM Online+ here.

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