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Diversity Round Table - Glasgow

We’ve teamed up with the Equality and Human Rights Commission, Creative Diversity Network and Ofcom to arrange a round table on what practical steps producers can take to improve diversity on and off screen.

Why attend?

BBC, Channel 4 and Sky all have ambitious diversity targets, so this is a great opportunity to understand how you can use equality law to help meet these contractual requirements - alongside other diversity objectives - and to ask questions about some very useful legal guidance produced by the EHRC (which can be found here).

The session, which is aimed at Heads of Production, Talent Managers and Legal and Business Affairs execs will cover a range of issues including:
- using freelancer databases which include people’s personal characteristics as a way increasing the diversity of your talent pool

- lawful positive action vs. unlawful positive discrimination

- setting and complying with diversity targets for on-screen and off-screen talent

- what a genuine occupational reason might be for recruiting particular people to on- or off-screen roles

- training and development schemes aimed at particular groups

- what constitutes reasonable adjustments for disabled candidates.

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This event is free to attend. Simply e-mail Mark Ogle (mark@ohcommunications.co.uk) to register.