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Living with COVID Guidance

Following the large-scale revision and withdrawal of Government regulations for Covid, the Broadcasters and Pact have issued Living with COVID Guidance.

This takes a risk based-approach to assessing and mitigating the effect of Covid on productions.

Where your production has secured insurance for Covid-19 losses, the production protocol should be shared with your underwriter as a matter of record once it has been formulated in line with the Living with COVID Guidance and any other relevant factors.

Please be aware that each of the Nations has, to date, taken slightly different approaches to Covid guidance. A summary of the removal of the restrictions is published here.

Download the Living with COVID Guidance here.
Please direct any questions to Max Rumney: max@pact.co.uk

The British Film Commission's Working Safely During COVID-19 in Film and High-end TV Drama Production Guidance has also been updated today. You can download the latest version here.