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Directors and Producers Forum established

Pact, Directors UK, BBC Studios and ITV Studios have established a new joint forum for producers and directors.

The Directors and Producers Forum will meet first on 13th December 2023 and at least bi-annually thereafter. It will comprise senior representatives and members of Directors UK and producer representatives of the producers. It will discuss matters raised by forum members as well as afford an opportunity for producers to brief on proposed industry developments, production matters and the status of sector initiatives such as diversity and inclusion, environmentally sustainable production and skills training.

UK production faces a number of challenges at present with high inflation; increased costs of production; and changes in the consumption of programmes by audiences. Liaison between producers and directors will allow a collaborative approach to dealing with such challenges and will provide more transparency over the way producers and directors seek to continue making innovative, entertaining and artistic content.

The new forum replaces previous less structured liaison between directors and producers.

Max Rumney, Pact Deputy CEO and Director of Business Affairs, said:

Pact is pleased to be part of this new forum which brings with it a more formal structure for directors and producers to meet and discuss production developments and current issues. In an increasingly challenging world of production, clear communication and sharing of ideas will help all parties to navigate their way through challenges as they arise as well as improving innovation and creativity.”

Andy Harrower, Directors UK Chief Executive, said: “The television programmes produced in the UK and directed by our members are enjoyed by audiences throughout the world. The purpose of the Directors and Producers Forum is to create a much needed platform, away from the day-to-day pressures of production, for directors and producers to work collaboratively and openly. Directors, as part of the lead creative team on any TV production, have insights, experience and expertise which is invaluable. In looking at the bigger picture together, we can jointly deal with some of the challenges we face.”

A BBC spokesperson said: “A strong, effective, working relationship between producers and directors is critical in ensuring the continued success of the UK creative industries and the BBC welcomes the opportunity to be involved as a core member of this new forum.”

Justine Rodgers, Director of Business Affairs and Rights Strategy, UK, at ITV Studios said: "This will provide a welcome opportunity for directors and producers to share expertise across the many aspects of production whilst also ensuring we maintain effective ongoing communication as our industry continues to evolve. We are incredibly pleased to be playing our part in bringing this forum together."

We will keep Pact members updated with developments from these meetings in due course.