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Ask the Expert: Duty of Care and Welfare

What is Duty of Care and Welfare in production, and where and when does it start and end? 

Montage of headshots L–R: Charlie Gauvain, Kym Langer, Laura Martin Robinson and Rachel Hooper

We have brought together a cross-genre panel of experienced programme-makers with expertise in big, reality entertainment juggernauts as well as sensitive factual documentaries to discuss this important topic. During the conversation they share best practices in Duty of Care and Welfare for contributors and production teams, including social media advice and welfare plans, and discuss how the bulk of the work starts before anyone walks onto a set.

Charlie Gauvain – Managing Director, Eye Film

Kym Langer – Head of Welfare, Banijay UK (credits include Big Brother, Survivor, The Only Way is Essex)
Laura Martin Robinson – Freelance Director based in Cardiff (credits include Strictly Amy: Crohn's and Me)
Rachel Hooper – Creative Director, Walk On Air Films (credits include Once Upon A Time in Northern Ireland)

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