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An Introduction to Sustainability Monthly

Sustainability Monthly is a new resource for Pact members giving practical, relevant insights and actions for production companies wanting to benefit from the growing Sustainability market and become a positive force in the industry.

Logo: Futuretivity

We’ve teamed up with Futuretivity, specialists delivering sustainability for the Film and TV industry. They work with businesses seeking climate and social impact alongside profitability.

Futuretivity will be acting as our Sustainability-as-a-Service partner, providing members with access to their expertise and practical solutions to delivering social, environmental and commercial value alongside albert compliance.

Each month they’ll be sharing tips and ideas via the Pact Growth Accelerator and newsletter. In this introductory article, the team at Futuretivity explain what you can expect…

Photo: Climate Change protester placard: There is no planer B
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Can you deliver sustainability in-house?

We’ve all been melting under the recent heatwave – who would have thought we’d hit 40 degrees in the UK?! One thing’s for sure, we can’t ignore climate change any longer. We need immediate, coordinated effort now.

The Media – especially TV - offers our best chance to reach all stakeholders in the Climate Crisis, the biggest challenge of our times. The industry is focused on delivering net-zero by 2030, with big brand broadcasters committing to the Climate Content Pledge at COP26, matching albert’s leadership in the decarbonisation of production with raising our collective editorial voice.

The challenge for our production sector, however, is that the production companies and post-houses powering the industry must also meet tougher sustainability standards (and at time when budgets and timelines are under increased pressure). But this needn’t be a burden and Sustainability Monthly is designed to help. 

As you start to think about transitioning to become a more sustainable business, the following questions will help you assess your current internal capabilities and sustainability opportunities:

  1. Can you identify how to achieve net-zero?
  2. Do you currently have a sustainability strategy?
  3. Have you identified and can you implement cost savings from sustainability?
  4. Have you forecasted for new revenues from opportunities in the sustainability market?
  5. Do your productions comply with the albert carbon reporting requirements?
  6. Are your productions as carbon efficient as possible and/or identified areas for carbon reduction?
  7. Do you include positive sustainability messaging in your editorial?
  8. Are you compliant with the Climate Content Pledge?

If you answered ‘no’ to one or more, you may need specialist support to deliver sustainability in your production company. But there is plenty you can do now to start delivering sustainability benefits across your company.

Our work enables businesses to deliver more efficient productions, reduce carbon, increase impact and engage audiences in a way that is practical, tangible and effective. Better still, we also identify where sustainability delivers bottom line value through cost savings and new business opportunities.

We’ll be sharing tips and ideas to get you started on the road to climate positivity every month in Sustainability Monthly. In August, we’ll look at five quick-wins you should incorporate now for immediate results.

But until then, enjoy the summer and keep cool!

Written by Futuretivity.