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Calculate your Production Levy by using our Production Levy Calculator, below.

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But don't forget...

As outlined above, a further condition for registered TV productions that are set up through an SPV where the parent company is UK registered, is that the parent company also has to join Pact (if it is not already a Member).

This needs to be done through a separate application. Find out which Pact Membership to apply for via the Join Us page.

We will get in touch with you to invoice for your Levy and Membership fee as soon as we can, and once we have received payment you will be able to access our services.

Timescale: Please note that a UK company producing for a UK broadcaster must be a Pact Member before registering a TV production. If the UK company is not a Pact Member, we will direct you to our membership team to finalise membership first, before we proceed with the TV registration.