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POP have digitised the Pact Bectu TV Drama Deal Memo

We Got POP have digitised the TV Drama Agreement to facilitate a single standard approach for Scripted productions, supporting Pact’s intention of establishing clear and fair working terms and conditions to the benefit of all working in the industry.

The digitisted Deal Memo:

– Allows easy adoption of Pact/Bectu agreed terms and any future changes.

– Equips producers with the mechanism to maintain independence of contractual elements through supporting company specific standard terms.

– Has significantly reduced set up costs and lead times for quicker and easier contracting.

– Ensures complete alignment with UK employment contract law (written statement of employment particulars can risk being in breach with previous manual processes).

– Gives  peace of mind for workers that the terms in the Deal Memo will be reflected in the contract they sign.

Digitised TV Drama Deal Memos are available through POP’s Production Portal, which is so far supporting 28 production companies to safely get back on set. With digitised Deal Memos in place, new clients are able to get set up on the platform quickly and easily, saving them money and allowing use of the platform despite short lead times.

Learn more about POP’s digitised Deal Memo or book a demo of the Production Portal by emailing hello@wegotpop.com.