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Pact announces new TV industry-approved module to be introduced at universities nationwide

Pact – along with an industry working group including representatives from all3media International, Hat Trick, Arrow Media, Agatha Christie Productions, FremantleMedia UK, Flame Distribution, Belle Vie TV, ZigZag Productions, HoHo Entertainment, DIT, Simpkins LLP, Zodiak Rights, Audio Networks, Icon Films, Wingspan Productions Creative Skillset and DCMS – has designed and launched the Pact Industry Module for media degree courses to help ensure that graduates entering the TV production industry are equipped with the right business skills and knowledge.

The module will cover three fundamental business areas:

  • IP and Rights – understanding them and their value;
  • Content and funding – understanding co-production structures and new commercial models around TV productions; and
  • IP exploitation – understanding distribution, global trading and secondary exploitation.

Representatives from 200 UK media companies – including all of the public service broadcasters – have signed up to support the module by offering their time and expertise to work with universities to offer students hands on experience before entering the industry.

Pact convened the industry working group as a 2016 Pact member survey revealed that the fast moving pace of the industry meant that graduates were not leaving university armed with the right business skills and knowledge – such as learning about co-production agreements and the licensing and distribution side of the business.

The module is due to be rolled out across the UK in the 2018/19 and will be re-licensed every year to ensure that it is kept up to date and universities are not being left behind.

Dawn McCarthy-Simpson, Pact’s Director of International Development, said: “This module is designed by industry to support the future generation of TV producers by giving students the essential business knowledge that producers are looking for”.

Professor Jeremy Barr, School of Media, Ravensbourne, said: “There is no substitute for learning from those who have experienced the gap between theory and practice in creative decision-making situated in the real world of market forces driving the production and selling of film and television. This module provides a much-needed opportunity for motivated students to learn from those who inhabit those professional realities in their everyday work”.

Companies can sign up to offer their help to their local university here.