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New wave of business development support for Pact members

One of Pact’s core purposes has always been to help create the optimum environment for our members to grow their businesses in, and to provide the right support so that they can make the most of every opportunity in the UK and international marketplace.

During the past 30 years those efforts, coupled with the limitless creativity and ingenuity of UK indies, has resulted in the sector growing from a cottage industry to one that’s worth over £3bn per year.

But just as the industry is constantly evolving, so too is our support for Pact members and we’re always looking for new opportunities and ideas to share with you.

What can we do for you?

As a Pact member, you have access to a range of tools, information and opportunities to help your business, whether you’re a small start-up or a super indie. And in 2021 we’re rolling out even more support…


In March we kick off a new series of events, the Pact LIVE Breakfast Club, which will feature a range of industry experts. First up we’ll be exploring the implications of the remote working revolution on indies and their businesses with law firm Wiggin on Monday 8th March. Shortly after, on Thursday 11th March, you can hear from Nerve Media’s Juliette Squair and Channel 4’s Alisha Lazare for the lowdown on clearing music in your TV production. Registrations for both events are now open via the events calendar and details of further sessions in the series will be announced soon.

Also in March we’ll see the return of our Content Without Borders format, with the opportunity for Pact members to connect with broadcasters and potential co-pro partners from Canada. Hosted in partnership with the Canadian Media Producers Association (CMPA) from Tuesday 23rd to Thursday 25th March, the event will take place each afternoon and feature panel talks and roundtable discussions. One-to-one meetings will be scheduled for the following weeks, offering further opportunities for international match-making. Registrations will be opening very soon so look out for an e-mail invitation coming from us.

Growth Accelerator

Hopefully many of you are now familiar with the Pact Growth Accelerator, our tailor-made online platform offering every resource an indie might need, from business advice and HR support, to information on global buyers and new ways to monetise IP. 

The Growth Accelerator is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of indies. For example, we’ve recently added to our section of commissioning briefs, which can be filtered by genre, broadcaster or territory; a page with links to post-Brexit entry requirements into each European country; and added more resources to the Branded Content section where you can also find a screening room with some prime examples.

If you’re new to the Accelerator and want to get a handle on how to make the most of it, you can watch our short intro video here. And if you’ve not yet registered (remember it’s completely free and exclusive for Pact members) you can do so here.

Nations & Regions support

As you may have seen, we will soon be appointing two new expert consultants to provide additional support for Pact members in the Nations and Regions. One will focus on Business development, the other on Production development. We look forward to announcing who they are in the very near future.

We are also running monthly online get togethers for Nations and Regions members, hosted by the Pact Council National Representatives for each of the Nations: Gwenda Carnie in Wales (COO Cardiff Productions Ltd & Television Business Affairs Advisor); Jane Kelly in Northern Ireland (Creative Director, Big Mountain Productions); and Jane Muirhead in Scotland (MD, Raise The Roof Productions). These sessions provide an opportunity for members to hear specific N&Rs updates, and to network with other members in the same nation as well as those in other nations to discuss pertinent business and production issues. The next of these sessions will be taking place on Friday 26th March and you can register here.

Connect with our team

If you have a need for more tailored support or have suggestions for what else we can be doing as part of our business development activities for Pact members, then please reach out to our Managing Director of Business Development & Global Strategy, Dawn McCarthy-Simpson MBE.

Dawn McCarthy-Simpson MBE Managing Director of Business Development & Global Strategy

Dawn is responsible for developing opportunities for international, IP exploitation and markets.