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New CDN report shines light on BAME underrepresentation in senior production roles

Data released by the Creative Diversity Network (CDN) during Black History Month has shown that people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) groups are still underrepresented in the UK television industry, with particular concerns about representation in decision making roles.

The new figures are collected from a deep dive into BAME data collected by the Diamond diversity monitoring and reporting system.

The data reveals that contributions to programmes made by BAME people working behind the camera fall below 10% in most senior roles. Just 2.4% of Production Executives, 4.4% of Series Producers, 8.3% of Heads of Production, 8.6% of directors and 9.3% Production Managers identify as BAME. 12.8% of the UK population is classified BAME. Only 1.6% of writers working in UK TV identify as black - compared to 3% of the general population.

Only camera work came close to true representation in behind the scenes roles, with 12.5% of camera operator roles filled by people from a Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic background.

Pact Chief Executive, John McVay commented: "This deep dive into Diamond data to look more closely at Race and Ethnicity is vital as it provides a much more detailed picture of the gaps. Work is under way across the sector to tackle the lack of diversity on screen and off screen and on creating more inclusive cultures in production. This report reinforces the importance of strengthening this work so that we can all ensure that our efforts are both impactful and sustainable."

The data for on-screen representation presents a more positive picture, with BAME contributions at 22.7%.

Read the full report from the CDN here.