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ITV refreshes its Commissioning Commitments form

ITV has refreshed and updated its Commissioning Commitments form, which will now be referred to as the Production Principles Form.

Producers will be sent a link to the online form by the broadcaster’s Media and Entertainment Business Affairs team and asked to select the genre for their specific production, which will then link through to the relevant section for that genre. 

Once the form is completed and submitted, it will be returned directly to the relevant Commissioning team, the Diversity & Inclusion team and Social Purpose team, who will contact producers if they wish to discuss any aspect in further detail.

The process will involve a 2-step approach, as with the previous form:

Step 1

Each producer will be asked to complete the form at the beginning of the commissioning process to specify which of ITV’s Productions Principles (Diversity & Inclusion and Social Purpose) they are committing to.

Step 2

At the final stage of delivery, producers ‘will be required to complete a follow up and final version of the form to demonstrate which Production Principles the in question has delivered against.

ITV will be updating its Producer pages in the Commissioning section of their website to reflect this change, and contacting their existing production suppliers directly.

Support for Producers

ITV is keen for producers to know that its Creative Diversity Partners, Nahrein Kemp and Sam Tatlow, are available to support them along the whole process in relation to Diversity & Inclusion. It is also encouraging producers to engage with the albert team at BAFTA and their commissioning editor in relation to any questions around albert. All programmes commissioned by ITV need to be albert certified, hence the importance of starting these conversations as early on as possible in the commissioning process.