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Important call for evidence: Migration Advisory Committee

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) is an independent public body that advises the Government on migration issues.
MAC has called for detailed, employer-specific evidence for their consultation review on the Shortage Occupation Lists that apply to the UK and Scotland.
We are encouraging all members to submit evidence of their experiences of recruiting UK staff for specific jobs and – if applicable - the importance of EU and Rest of the World staff to your companies’ development, business and output. This evidence will make clear to MAC the importance of creative sector occupations on both the UK and Scotland lists. MAC may also use this evidence to make recommendations to Government on possible reforms to the Shortage Occupation Lists such as relaxing the rules on minimum qualifications for applicants.  
As I am sure you are aware, employers’ access to European Union staff is likely to become much more restrictive post-Brexit as the Government is committed to ending the EU principle of free movement of people. This means that companies that wish to hire European Union or ROW staff post-Brexit, regardless of a deal or no-deal scenario, will have to go through the Tier 2 work visa system. Tier 2 work visas are currently capped at 20,700 places per year. The Shortage Occupation Lists (SOL) gives applicants for these listed jobs a much stronger chance in securing a Tier 2 work visa than others. Applicants who are applying for jobs listed on the SOL are also not required to undertake the Resident Labour Market Test or meet the five year salary threshold.
Consequently it is very important that we try to make sure that MAC includes occupations that will be critical to the continuing development and success of the UK production and broadcasting industry. Other sectors which have fewer more vertically integrated employers ( finance and manufacturing ) will be seeking to secure their industries’ position on these lists to favour them. The more replies we can get from our sector the more chance we have of getting SOLs that work for our sector.
Pact appreciates that it is a tight turnaround at a very busy time of year but we didn’t set the timetable. So, please have a look and try to find the time to respond to this consultation. It’s in your own long-term interests. Due to the nature of this consultation, we can’t do this on your behalf as it would take us too long to collect the data, weight it fairly across all our members’ employment requirements, check our conclusions with the membership and then get it back to the MAC in time. In addition, as numbers count here, our submission would be viewed as only one response.  
Evidence Submission Process:    
Evidence must be submitted online.  
The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) consultation registration page can be found here.
This page will give you access to the online evidence form.

When you send in a submission, please let us know that you have done so. You don't have to send us the response, just inform us that you have submitted one by e-mailing mailto:niall@pact.co.uk.
Please note the very tight evidence deadline: 6th January 2019       
More detailed information on the evidence submission process for the MAC consultation can be downloaded here.  
The downloadable MAC pdf outlines what questions are asked on the form and provides links for particular questions.
Members can e-mail any submission form queries to MAC here: MAC@homeoffice.gov.uk.  
Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need more info or guidance on how to complete this. Please contact Niall Stewart at niall@pact.co.uk.