One of the exclusive benefits of Pact membership is access to a range of industry discounts and offers, such as money off registration to events and conferences, special offers on office and studio space, discounted magazine subscriptions and more.

Member Discounts
  • Meet the distributors with Pact LIVE

    We’re delighted to announce a new Pact LIVE series, Meet the Distributor. Each 90-minute session offers Pact producer members the chance to find out about three different distributors and what their content interests and expertise are...


  • New Pact member discount: 6prog contract engagement platform

    6prog is an on-demand platform for businesses, allowing you to choose the best freelance team for your film and TV projects and making it easier to access, book and pay that talent...


  • Restart Week: new speakers confirmed

    Pact LIVE Restart Week gets underway on Monday and we've confirmed even more great speakers. Take a look and sign up for sessions today...


  • Up to 30% off quick turnaround, on-site COVID-19 testing

    Pulse Healthcare is working in partnership with its sister companies at Independent Clinical Services to supply cost-effective on-site COVID-19 testing via a relatively non-invasive pin-prick test, which provides a result in 10-15 minutes...


  • 15% off mental health first aid for film and TV course

    We have physical first aiders who are trained to respond to support someone who is physically injured, but would you know what to do if someone in your company was experiencing anxiety or depression? Mental Health First Aiders are trained to offer that initial help and are becoming more commonplace...


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