The Pact Growth Accelerator is a one-stop shop offering every resource an indie might need, from business advice and HR support, to information on global buyers and new ways to monetise IP.

The platform is split into three sections covering Business, Production and Exporting, providing Pact members with vital business resources and information in a clear and convenient way, wherever they may be working.

The Business Accelerator is focused on enabling indies to better run their businesses from a commercial perspective, helping them to build sustainable and successful companies.

The Production Accelerator is designed to help indies adopt best practice standards in order to develop their slates, manage their productions effectively and build confidence with TV commissioners.

The Export Accelerator has been available to Pact members since 2018 but has been enhanced as part of the development of the Growth Accelerator. It is designed to help indies understand and access international opportunities and create a robust export strategy for the future.

The three defined sections play host to webinars, podcasts, a wealth of documents and resources, research tools, white papers developed together with industry experts and interviews with industry players, amongst many other things.

The Growth Accelerator is free and exclusively available to Pact members, who can register at



The Accelerator is a collaborative project featuring resources from a range of industry partners including: Boom! PR, Pirkx, The Storm Collective, Matisse, The Location Guide, Simkins LLP, Fair FX, Kids Insights, K7 Media, Entertainment Marketing Group, ACF Investment Bank, World Fixer, Space-2, Share My Telly Job, Stella EOC, The Nerve Media, 3Vision, Getty Images, Currency UK, Audio Network, The Content Consultancy and