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The Fuel Project launched by Film London to reduce film and TV industry emissions

Film London has launched The Fuel Project, a report which provides practical information, steps and support to film and TV production suppliers as they make the move toward new, low-carbon technologies, helping drive down emissions in the industry as a whole.

The industry’s current contribution to greenhouse gases and air pollution is dominated by fuel consumption: 50% of a production’s carbon footprint comes from fuel use across land transport and mobile power services.

Recognising this is where the greatest action can be made, the report provides production supply companies in London and Europe with solutions and proposes technologies that will bring down our industry’s collective emissions. It particularly aims to support SME companies who may not otherwise have easy access to corporate sustainability advice and resources.

The report also sets out to myth-bust some current assumptions on a number of key, low carbon, fuel options available in the UK market, by acknowledging the challenges faced in this transition.

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The report is funded by Interreg Europe’s Green Screen and delivered by Film London, in partnership with sustainable business consultants Creative Zero.