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Music for TV: what you need to know

Whether it’s a familiar theme tune or a tension-heightening score – there's no denying that the right music choices can help to make or break any production.

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But what are the key considerations when choosing music for television, and what rights need to be cleared?

To tie in with this year's World Music Day (Monday 21st June), we've teamed up with Music for TV Entrepreneur and The Nerve Music Co-Founder, Juliette Squair to provide Pact Members with a series of short talks covering the essentials of music for TV.

Speakers include ITV Music Heads Stephen Whiting and Nicola Francis, Sky's Head of Music Licensing Zoe Hewlett, and Lauren Thackray from Cue Songs Music Supervision, amongst others.

All of the talks are available now via the Pact Growth Accelerator.* Simply click on the links below to view them:

Top Ten Tips on Using Music in Your Production
Juliette draws on her extensive experience to share her top ten key commercial and creative considerations when planning music in your TV production.

Music Rights: The Basics
An overview of the key rights you need to clear when using music in your production.

Your Music Options for TV production
This talk explores music options for your TV content, as well as tips on what to look out for including; production music, specially composed and commercial music.

Licensing Commercial Music in your TV Production
Featuring guest expert Lauren Thackray from Cue Songs Music Supervision, this talk offers top tips on licensing commercial music for your production.

Music Reporting and Cue Sheets: The Basics
Featuring guest expert Rob Kempton from Footprint Music Licensing, this talk offers insights and tips on reporting music in your production.

Music choices for your production with Sky
Zoe Hewlett, Head of Music Licensing at Sky, shares her top tips on using and choosing music.

Music choices for indie producers
Experienced production executive Paul Goodliffe give us insight into music choices from the perspective of the small indie producer.

Music choices for your production with ITV
ITV Music Heads Stephen Whiting and Nicola Francis share their expert advice on your music strategy.

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With thanks to Juliette Squair and The Nerve Music.

*NB. You need to have registered on the Pact Growth Accelerator to access the recording. The Growth Accelerator is free and exclusively available to Pact members, and it is quick and easy to register here.