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Important information for users of the Film & TV Production Restart Scheme

The Film & TV Production Restart Scheme has now closed to new applications, and Scheme users are able to submit their claims up to 23:59pm on 30th September 2022, for losses occurring up to 23:59pm on 30th June 2022.

The administrator will be in place up to 31st December 2022 to settle all remaining claims, so productions are asked to submit their claims as early as they can and respond promptly to information requests.

Productions should also be aware that DCMS has appointed BDO to provide Post-Event Assurance (PEA) on the Scheme. PEA is a form of audit which is undertaken after payments have been made, to provide assurance to government that payments and processes have been completed accurately and within the Scheme rules. It will also seek to identify any indications of fraud and/or error. BDO will test 20% of all paid claims and their associated applications, requiring further evidence. More details will be provided if your claim is selected for testing.