The Pact Growth Accelerator is a one-stop shop offering every resource an indie might need, from business advice and HR support, to information on global buyers and new ways to monetise IP.

During the COVID-19 crisis we’re turbo-charging the platform to provide even more useful resources – including new commissioner webinars and broadcaster briefings – so that whilst working remotely indies still have access to the most up to date information and development opportunities.

The platform is split into three sections covering Business, Production and Exporting.

  • Pact Growth Accelerator sections
    • The Business Accelerator
    • The Production Accelerator
    • The Export Accelerator

The three defined sections play host to webinars, podcasts, a wealth of documents and resources, research tools and interviews with industry players, amongst many other things.

The Growth Accelerator is free and exclusively available to Pact members, who can register at