• Jane MuirheadManaging Director, Raise the Roof Productions

    Jane co-founded Raise the Roof in 2010. As MD, she has masterminded the strategic direction of the company that has seen it recognised as one of the fastest growing indies in the UK.

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    Jane Muirhead´╗┐ set up Raise the Roof Productions with Sarah Walmsley, Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer in 2010 to nurture new ideas and grow production talent in Scotland.

    Raise the Roof aims to provide a creative and stimulating environment. Helping staff and freelancers grow to their next role is central to the company's ethos. Employees at all levels are encouraged to learn new skills whether it’s writing, editing, shooting or taking on their first directing job.

    Raise the Roof is signed up to the CDN Diversity pledge.

    Jane is Pact's Scotland regional representative

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