Whether it's sitting on numerous boards to campaign for Pact members’ interests, giving direct legal advice when it's needed, or ensuring that producers are kept up to date with the most recent terms of trade - our legal & business affairs department is an integral part of Pact and of huge benefit to our members.

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The legal team’s knowledge and experience is second to none.  They are always available to answer the phone or reply to an email and help with legal questions – whether it be a question on terms of trade, an industry issue, or a small production specific query.

Sarah Lithgow, Legal & Business Affairs Executive, Raise the Roof Productions

Contacting the Business Affairs team

Please find below a directory of subjects and which member of the Business Affairs team you can contact at Pact about each subject. Extended profiles of the team can also be seen below.

Benedicte Westbye Conrad Mewton Helen Hogan Samantha Ravenscroft Max Rumney
Production registrations Bectu TV ITV Terms of Trade Child Performance Bectu Film
Equity TV + Film Equity TV BBC Terms of Trade Music DUK Blanket
Walk ons Production Queries Production registrations GDPR Music
Tier 1   Writers (TV) General Commercial Copyright/HMRC
Child Performance   C4 Terms of Trade C5 Terms of Trade Writers
        C4 Terms of Trade

For any other queries on subjects not covered above, please contact Max Rumney in the first instance.

Our Legal & Business Affairs Team