The UK independent production sector is one of the most successful in the world. Pact works to help its members to sell their content worldwide. The estimated revenue from the international sale of UK TV programmes and associated activities in 2016 was £1,326m, and British formats are in particularly high demand, generating the largest portion of revenues back to the UK TV production sector.

Pact apps
You may have downloaded and/or used our UK Indies, CoProduction and TV Commissions apps before, therefore we wanted to let you know that we’ve updated our privacy policy to make it super easy to read. That way, you can find out exactly how we use your data. Take a look at our updated policy.


Our International team

Dawn McCarthy-Simpson MBE Director of International Strategy

Dawn is responsible for developing opportunities for international, IP exploitation and markets.

Yuan Liu International Coordinator & Chinese Translator

Yuan supports the Director of International Strategy in international markets, trade missions, education and training projects.