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Pact Export Accelerator to help UK production companies go global

The UK independent production sector is a global leader when it comes to exporting content. But international markets are becoming increasingly competitive. We have seen exports to our strongest market - the United States - drop for the first time in a decade, so we can’t afford to be complacent.

Time to take action

Pact is encouraging all UK indies to sign up to the Pact Pledge to Export as a demonstration of their commitment to increasing their company’s export revenue in the coming years.

Those who sign the Pledge, which is part of the government’s ambition to double UK exports by 2020, will gain access to a range of support and benefits, including:

-    Pitching opportunities with UK and global broadcasters
-    Broadcaster briefings
-    Webinars featuring UK and global broadcasters
-    Information on the TV landscape in more than 50 countries
-    Access to UK and overseas buyer profiles
-    Access to leading export advisors
-    Access to overseas markets and missions

To sign up to the pledge now, click here.

If you would like to find out more please contact Pact’s Director of International Development, Dawn McCarthy-Simpson – dawn@pact.co.uk.

Export Accelerator Series

As well as encouraging UK companies to sign the Export Pledge, we’ve launched a series of high-end workshops taking place across the UK, designed to help hundreds of UK indies double their export revenue by 2020 and create a robust export strategy for the future.

Pact will be joined by leading experts, as well as representatives from Mexican media giant Televisa and Paris-based ratings analysts Eurodata TV Worldwide to deliver the most current and insightful information to attendees covering subjects such as:

-    How to set up joint ventures overseas
-    How to work effectively with a distributor
-    How to build a UK company to scale
-    How to navigate legal and regulatory issues
-    How to identify and make the most of global programming trends

We've already visited Glasgow and Cardiff. To find an Export Accelerator event near you, visit the Pact event calendar here.