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Members' views wanted for latest MAC consultation

The Migration Advisory Committee is seeking the views of trade associations like Pact and their respective member companies on the Government plans for salary thresholds for residency rights, Tier 2 visas and the introduction of an Australian points based immigration system for the UK.
The Australian points system relies on applicants building up sufficient points scores to qualify for a work visa through being of the right age,  right educational background, right occupation, right level of experience and so forth. The outcome of applications under this scheme is decided solely by the Australian Government.   
UK salary thresholds act to exclude applicants whose UK salary is not sufficient to qualify them for settlement (residency rights) in the UK.  
This qualifying threshold stands at £35,800 for all residency applicants who arrived in the UK on or after the 6th April 2011.  
UK Tier 2 work visas are restricted to applicants who must have a job offer that will pay on or above the salary threshold of £30,000.

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Complete the questionnaire now

In order for Pact to assess and report on members’ views of these plans, we would be very grateful if members could fill out a questionnaire which can be found here.
As you will see,  most questions are multiple choice or option check lists for your consideration and ranking and the survey should only take around 10 minutes to complete.
All your responses and comments will be very gratefully received as it will enable us to summarise members' concerns and suggestions about salary thresholds and the prospect of the introduction of the Australian points immigration system in the UK.

Complete the questionnaire now.

Please submit your responses and comments to the survey by 5:00pm on Tuesday 22nd October.