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Managing mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic

This week (18th - 24th May) is Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK.

We started Week 2 of the Pact INDIE E-Festival on Monday with a Wellness Kickstarter with Tracy Forsyth (which we’ve been running every day at 9:00am throughout the festival) followed by a session all about managing mental health for remote teams. Hosted by accredited mental health trainers Jude Spencer and Stuart McNicholas, it included working from home tips, ways to wellbeing, tips for teams, and insights into how organisations can help.

We know that Pact members are particularly interested in learning more about mental health and wellness - both for themselves and their teams - and so we will be running more mental health training and support over the coming weeks and months.

In addition, we have a mental health and wellbeing support page in the COVID-19 section on the Pact website which includes links to more resources - both industry specific and more general. Take a look here.

Film & TV Charity launches Mental Health Community

Also during this Mental Health Awareness week, The Film & TV Charity has launched an online mental health platform, delivered by Big White Wall, which is free and accessible for anyone who works behind the scenes in our industry.

This is a safe space, where you can express your thoughts and concerns openly and anonymously.

As well as receiving support in group or one-to-one chats you can also access guided self-help courses that cover a range of subjects from managing mental health problems such as depression and anxiety, as well as problem-solving and assertiveness training. You can also access self-assessment tools and track your progress on the platform.

You can seek the advice of both your peers in and out of the industry as well as professionally-trained Wall Guides who monitor and support the community.

The platform is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Find out more and get involved here.