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Film membership

  • Is open to all UK registered limited companies that currently exclusively produce feature films intended for theatrical release.
  • Entitles you to full access to Pact’s services including the right to one vote per company or group, and the opportunity to nominate a representative to sit on pact council. 

The fee for film membership is an annual fee of £500 (£600 inc. VAT) plus an additional levy payment on each film registered with Pact, as per the table below.

Ready to join us? Download and complete the film membership application form at the bottom of this page.


Don’t need annual membership?

Rather than having the benefit of Pact’s services all year round you can choose to just register a film with us, to give you access to:

  • Legal and business affairs advice
  • Contracts
  • Escrow management

All until such time as production on the film ceases and the escrow is released.

What you don’t get:

  • Right to a vote
  • Right to sit on Pact Council or the film working group
  • Annual access to free business affairs advice and suite of contracts
  • Access to our free events, seminars and email updates

The cost for this service is a levy payable on the production budget of the feature film and is payable prior to the commencement of principal photography.

Pact Levy fee structure:

Production Budget

Net levy payable

Levy payable inc. VAT




     Lower than £1,000,000



£1,000,000 to £3,000,000



£3,000,000 to £20,000,000



Greater than £20,000,000




related documents

  1. Film Membership Application form : 35kb : PDF Application form for the Film Membership category

For more information please contact:

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