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"If you’re running an independent production company in the UK, you have to be a member of Pact."
Cat Lewis, Nine Lives Media

We would love you to join the 450+ companies that are already enjoying their Pact membership and helping shape the work that we do.

But if you need convincing then why not see what’s in it for you.

Or if you are ready to join, then please choose the right category of membership below and follow the link for more information:

TV and multiplatform membership

For companies currently producing professionally for television, children’s, or animation media, or that are engaged in the sale and/or exploitation of television, children’s or animation works or formats, we offer specific TV and multiplatform membership.

Film membership

For companies currently exclusively producing feature films intended for theatrical release we offer film membership

Digital membership

For companies whose primary purpose is the production of digital media content or services, and have not had a television commission from a UK broadcaster, we offer digital membership.

Professional services

For companies who provide professional services within the television, film or digital media sector, but that are not involved in the production of television, film or digital content, we offer facilitator membership.

NB: Pact membership is open to registered limited companies only and all memberships are based on a one-year minimum subscription.

For more information please contact:

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