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John McVay

John McVay

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Job title:Chief Executive
Summary:John oversees all policy matters within Pact and works closely with Pact council and all senior executives to ensure all members' interests are fairly represented. John also leads on all union negotiations.

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Phone:020 7380 8242
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John McVay is the Chief Executive of Pact.  He has been involved in programme making as a producer, consultant and trainer since 1986.

He has held a variety of positions in the creative industries, including founding Director of the Research Centre for Television and Interactivity and Director of Training and Education at Scottish Screen.  He was a  board member of Skillset, Chairman of the Skillset TV Investment Committee and President of CEPI, the pan-European TV producers' association.

At Pact he led the successful campaign that resulted in significant changes to the 2003 Communications Act.  These changes led to the UK having the world’s most creative and commercially successful independent TV production sector.  John is a Governor of the National Film and TV School, a Director of ISAN UK, and the British Film Commission.

He also attends and contributes to many UK government forums on the creative industries and trade and investment.

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