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Government consults on ‘children who perform’


The Government is consulting on proposals to update legislation to protect children who take part in performances and related activities.

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Children and Families, Tim Loughton MP, has said he wants to “increase the opportunities for children to take part in activities that they enjoy and can benefit from”.

He said: “The current legislation is nearly fifty years old. The rules are detailed and hard to relate to modern day activities.  This makes it difficult for parents and producers to understand what is required of them, and for local authorities to process approvals efficiently and consistently."


Government intends to “get rid of unnecessary bureaucracy and put in place an appropriate framework that helps keep children safe whilst allowing them greater opportunity to have fun, to learn, and to explore and develop their talents”.

The consultation - Safeguarding children: proposed changes to child performance legislation - is joint with the Welsh Government.

Pact will be responding to the consultation and members can access the consultation process at this site:


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