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Animation tax relief - what's your view?


Pact and Animation UK are set to provide a response to a Government consultation on its proposals for animation tax relief.  But it is vital that we are as informed as possible with members’ views.

Members are also encouraged to respond to the consultation individually.

A briefing note has been prepared, outlining the joint Pact and Animation UK position.  This is available on request – email:


Pact and Animation UK want to share the details of their agreed position with the widest possible group of relevant producers who may be affected by the outcome of the consultation.  We also need extra information and request that you reply with the following details to help us inform HM Treasury:

  • Information you may have on what other countries offer in terms of animation tax relief (our Government is looking for details on rates, but also what costs can qualify and whether there are any other limitations).
  • How many, or what proportion of your company’s animation productions, would qualify for the tax relief, a) using the Government’s proposed 75% animation definition; or b) using a lower 51% animation threshold.
  • Can you provide details about development costs incurred before a production is green lit, so that we can help assess which costs should qualify for the relief – Government has noted that it expects these to be the same in principle as pre-production costs that qualify under the Film Tax relief.

Please reply to Pact by 17 August at the latest.  For more information or if you have questions, please contact Emily Davidson.

You can submit a response direct to HM Treasury - click here.


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